Oscar Deniz Integrante de Visilab

Oscar Deniz

His research interests are mainly focused on computer vision and pattern recognition. He is the author of more than 50 refereed papers in journals and conferences. He has served as visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University (USA), Imperial College London (UK) and Leica Biosystems (Ireland). Currently, he is Full Professor at UCLM and contributes to VISILAB. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and is affiliated with the AAAI, SIANI, CEA-IFAC, AEPIA, AERFAI-IAPR and The Computer Vision Foundation. He serves as an Academic Editor of Journal PLoS ONE. He has been the Coordinator of European Project “Eyes of Things” (Internet of Things Technology Research Award Pilot by Google 2016, HiPEAC Tech Transfer Award 2018, Electronic Components and Systems Innovation Award 2019 by the European Commission). He also participates in FP7 AIDPATH and H2020 BONSEYES projects. Reviewer / Technical Expert for EU programs such as Eurostars and Advisory Board Member of H2020 project TULIPP. Recipient of following awards/mentions: Runner-up best PhD work on computer vision & pattern recognition by AERFAI, ‘Image File & Reformatting Sofware’ Challenge Award by Innocentive Inc, and a Marie Curie Fellowship. He has been national finalist of the 2009 Cor Baayen award. His work is being used by cutting-edge companies like Existor, Tapmedia, E-Twenty… and has been also added to OpenCV, the most advanced open source computer vision library. He has published a book on OpenCV and another one on OpenCV programming for mobile devices.

Phone: +34 926295300 6286 – Email: oscar.deniz AT uclm.es



  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Computer science for industrial engineers
  • Computer Vision

In the past: Computer Science Fundamentals, Operating Systems, Systems Programming, Computer Networks, Concurrent Systems, Design of Microprocessor-Based Systems, Instrumentation, Special Architectures, Mobile Robots, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence.


Interests: Computer vision, machine learning.
I am a research fellow of SIANI.



I love flight simulators and fountain pens! Here’s my small collection.

Here is a showcase of some finished projects/applications:

Color TransferColor Transfer
Text RecognitionText recognition in smartphones
Global motion estimationGlobal motion estimation